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Scope of services


Litigation Department

Our Lawyers have many years of experience and advise clients and represent clients before or out of courts and agencies (commercial dispute, maritime dispute, bankruptcy, arbitration, labor dispute, intellectual property dispute, insurance, criminal, etc). Our Lawyers have clients to represent before the courts throughout the regions of Indonesia in all types of court: district courts, appellate courts, administrative court, commercial court, religious court High court, and Supreme Court. We represent both domestic and foreign clients in any court in Indonesia.


Bankruptcy Department

Supported by Advocate and Trustee in Bankruptcy, our Bankruptcy Department has intensive involvement in bankruptcy issues of Individual, Limited Liability Company (PT or PT Tbk.), and Stated-Owned Enterprise. We render services to clients who are facing issues in the areas of Bankruptcy and Suspension of Payment under Law No. 37 of 2004 regarding Bankruptcy and Suspension of Payment and other prevailing laws and regulations. We handle clients in all aspects of bankruptcy issues. We have some experience in representing debtors, creditors, or third parties in any stages of bankruptcy and suspension of payment procedures. In certain cases, we also serve as Trustee in bankruptcy and suspension of payment appointed by Commercial Court.


Corporate Department

Our corporate department or so-called non-litigation team have extensive experience and expertise in handling various corporate work and business transactions. Our services started from the early stage of the company formation, organize the standard operation procedures for Board of Directors’ meetings, communications with shareholders of companies, shareholders’ meetings, mergers, and acquisitions.


Basis Of Billing

In general, we will bill our fees and expenses to clients in IDR currencies on a monthly basis, except for litigation. Payment is due upon receipt of our invoice. Operational expenses such as traveling accommodation, courier service, long-distance calls, staff, and building over time, photocopying, and document preparation costs are charged to the client. For our outlays on the client’s behalf, the client will reimburse us for reasonable disbursements and other charges we incur in connection with providing services to the client. We may require advances if significant out-of-pocket expenses are to be incurred on our part.


For non-litigation services, our charges are generally based on the hourly rate. In some cases, we may agree on another formula for calculating charges. We may adjust our fees to reflect the value and skill we bring by delivering an innovative solution or the special responsibility or urgency of the matter. We may also adjust fees to reflect the benefits of our previous work products or precedents. Hourly rates vary according to the type of work and experience of the person performing the work. We agree on a fixed fee and in the event, the scope of the work increases beyond the basis of your original instructions, charges for the additional works will be based on the normal hourly rates of the practitioners involved.